Your furry friend's
paradise awaits !

our love for dogs

Short of the love between a parent and their child, there may not be another love as pure and wonderful as the love between a person and their dog. Nurturing, attentive, and always up for playtime, dogs are a quintessential part of country life, and we can't picture our lives without at least one.

our store

The Wagging Tail store was started back in 2020, it has come a long way from its beginnings. When we first started out we were just two members and now we have five people managing, improving and adding products to it.

Our mission is to offer people products that will improve the quality of life for both the humans and their dogs, we want people to be happy and proud of the prodcuts they buy from the Wagging Tail store and not feel disappointed after purchasing from us.



the hoodie fit perfectly ! looks awesome and amazing quality

San Diego, CA

My second purchase from this store, loved it

Warsaw, Poland

No issues whatsoever, loved the product, would shop again !

Munich, Germany

Easy to use and convenient products

Tel Aviv